Here's what people are saying about Bob's music:

I Received my copy of the ďRocky Mountain Christmas tributeĒ CD today... Just perfect! Wonderful in fact! With the snow we had yesterday, and supposed to get tonight - I think I'm ready for Christmas. You did a phenomenal job Bob! I swear - listening to the CD and intros and songs... it feels like John should start singing any moment! It reminds me so much of Johnís Rocky Mountain Christmas. Iím not sure how you did it but itís great. You are VERY good! I hope to meet you in person in Aspen! I'll certainly be getting a few for Christmas gifts... Thank you so much on behalf of the Windstar Foundation.

I love "A Christmas Melody"! The music is so peaceful and relaxing... just my style, especially during this busy holiday season! It evokes warm memories of family gatherings and quiet winter walks in the woods, surrounded by nature's raw beauty. Like Nancy, I love John Denver's music, so it is very meaningful that this CD is dedicated to him. Also, I can especially relate to the song you wrote in memory of Mittens, as we lost our beloved 17-year-old sheltie, Chase, just a few days ago. Just a great CD.
Laurie Wallace

Just wanted to say I love your new CD A Christmas Melody. Itís all Iíve been listening too... It's really lovely. It fills the house with warmth and tradition and is a real conductor of peace. You've got great skill. I recommend this CD to one and all.

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your new CD, A Christmas Melody. As I suspected, based on your past work, it is excellent. My two favorites thus far are, "Madison's Christmas" and "Christmas Like A Lullaby", however, I have to say that I love all the songs. I find myself listening to the CD over and over. I truly hope you will continue to record more Christmas music in the future. Thanks again for the beautiful holiday music.
Arthur, Massachusetts USA

There’s no place like home for the holidays, so gather the family as Bob takes you home with his unique and personal touch to old-time Christmas classics. The richness of his guitar adds a warmth and “back home” feel to Christmas favorites inviting you to peek through the window of Christmases past where treasured memories are once again renewed through the magic of his music. If you can’t go home for the holidays, your ticket home is in Bob’s A Hometown Christmas. Enjoy the trip again and again. Bob’s second release Dreams of Christmas is an appropriate name for his newest CD, as he invites the listener on an emotional, dream-like journey prompting emotional responses to each carefully selected song. Bob touches on the joys of Christmas with Sleigh Ride and Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring to the deeply felt, spiritual expression of Ava Maria. His original offering, “Miranda’s Passage” has such depth that the listener can’t help but call to mind their own visual expressions from deep within. Bob’s unique treatment of Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy conjures up visions of dainty fairies lightly dancing to the lilting melody. The pure and simple strains of his guitar brings a mellow, gentle touch to traditional favorites O Little Town of Bethlehem, The Little Drummer Boy and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. As Bob’s invited guest, enjoy this wonderful journey though the many moods of Christmas.
Nancy Bowker, Hesperia, California

"Bob Sirois breathes freshness into traditional holiday classics with brilliant compilation and accompaniment. His own style - clearly a blend of classical/folk/country guitar playing - yields one of the season's best holiday treats. Makes a great, unique gift for all those hard to buy for and fits in a stocking quite well. If you enjoy any of the Windham Hill artists, you'll love this disc"
– Sinead Fennell, Port Laois, Ireland.

"I've been following Bob Sirois' career for awhile and I have to relate that I love all his music. I think his arrangements are fresh and unique. I also love the fact that each CD has it's own identity. Dreams of Christmas is awesome, warm, inviting and moody. He tends to include some songs that many other artists do not so it creates an interesting diversity. I have both of his Christmas records and sincerely hope he will create more. For anyone interested his website is [...]. I highly recommend this CD to one and all"
– Sarah E, Boulder Co.

"This CD brings back the joy I felt as a child celebrating Christmas. The traditional music and instrumental quality sets the standard for all of my other Christmas CDs. This CD is not just for the holidays"
– Tom Waters, Charleston WV.

"The music on this CD is simply the best antidote for holiday insanity. I've even listened to its soothing melodies in the middle of July! It is truly remarkable how much talent is evident here, and the recording is as polished as it is caringly mastered. Every track is equally enjoyable - so much so that I have purchased a number of these for Christmas presents.... I can only hope that this will be Bob's first of a multitude of musical gifts to the world"
– Moki Kokoris, North Salem, NY

"If you really want to feel the magic of Christmas, this CD is a must! Bob Sirois's "A Hometown Christmas" is one of the most beautifully arranged "easy listner" pieces I have in my massive holiday collection. You can feel his love for the music in every song. It relaxingly puts you in the festive mood, and makes you feel there is not a care in the world. You just drift away with the familiar music and feel the spirit. Don't miss out on this one, better yet, share it with your loved ones"
– Cathy Bergmann, Clinton IA

"Bob Sirois' "A Hometown Christmas" is a beautifully arranged Folk style, Instrumental Christmas record. His renditions of these wonderful Christmas classics convey a peaceful, warm and sometimes nostalgic feeling of Christmas old and new. It was easy to immediately fall in love with every song on this record. I also like the fact that he included a female vocalist on two tracks(Oh Holy Night & What Child Is This). She has a truly wonderful voice which adds variety to this already amazing CD. And for all you John Denver fans, Bob did a great Instrumental rendition of "Aspenglow" and "Christmas For Cowboys". I recognize these songs from the late John Denver's "Rocky Mountain Christmas" record as I own this album as well. I won't hesitate to say that I would highy recommend "A Hometown Christmas" to anyone, anywhere, at any time. It's a phenomenal album which is destined to become a Christmas classic"
– Sara A

"Oh my, your music is simply beautiful I absolutely LOVE Acoustic Guitar music. I know you'll get lot's of air time, this will definitely be a best seller every Christmas season. Just love your music"
– Kathy

"The selections Bob chooses are played, sung and recorded so well with such a nice, clean and clear sound. So beautiful to listen to. We're looking forward to hearing your next album"
– Karen & Mike

"I just purchased your new cd and simply loved it... Very melodic and light hearted, easy listening. I love the guitar/mandolin work. I especially liked your originals on the cd. This is a great Christmas album. Hope you make many more"
– Leslie

"I find myself listening to your CDs over and over. This year they were the only two I had in my van and I drive a lot at work so I thought I'd better get some of my other x-mas music out for variety. After your beautiful music, I literally threw the others out, no comparison. When I hear some of the same songs in the stores, I find they are terrible next to yours. I'm a true fan, a "groupie"
– Cathy G

"First off, I am a huge fan of Christmas music. But rarely do I listen to original songs written about Christmas that are not classic traditional recordings. In most cases I find them to be typical and boring. However, I have to say, the song you wrote, "Christmas Eve Lullaby" on “A Hometown Christmas” is one of the prettiest instrumentals I have ever heard. I absolutely love it. Your CDs are great Bob. Hope to hear more soon"
– Art P