Bob Sirois began his musical journey when he started playing guitar at age 16. For the better part of his 29 years in music he has diligently sought instruction from several different teachers who have helped to shape him as a professional musician.

Bob spent his early years as a Rock & Roll guitar player honing his skills with the Connecticut band “Under The Rose”.

During this time he had occasion to perform hundreds of shows both with his band UTR and as a session player for various other artists. But it was essentially the inspiration of Folk/Western legend John Denver that caused him to redirect his efforts toward becoming an acoustic style Folk Guitarist/Composer.

Since 1996 when he began listening to John’s music, Bob dedicated himself to becoming a highly trained Folk/New Age style Guitarist. As a result of his many efforts he helped to compose, arrange and produce 3 albums (“Under The Rose”, “Drain”, & “A Little Hope”) with his band “Under The Rose”. Their consistent efforts through the years helped position Bob and the band to sign a recording deal with Attack Records and a publishing deal with Cherry Lane Music in 2002.

This opportunity helped pave the way for Bob to perform, arrange, orchestrate and produce four solo, instrumental Christmas albums titled "A Hometown Christmas"(2002), "Dreams of Christmas"(2005), "A Christmas Melody" (2008) and "Rocky Mountain Christmas – A Tribute To John Denver"(2009). In 2006, Bob also produced a full length Christmas DVD titled "Dreams of Christmas" containing many of the tracks from his first two Christmas albums.

Starting in 2009, Bob was asked to perform each year in Aspen Colorado during John Denver week. During this time he has performed with many of the members of John Denver’s band including performances for John’s family at the legendary Windstar Conservancy. In 2010 Bob met vocalist Mollie Weaver who also performed with John’s band in the 1990s. Propelled by professional opportunities their communications became more and more frequent. They quickly discovered they each had many similar interests and goals in music. They both like many of the same bands/artists and of course have a true love and passion for John Denver and his music. But the most surprising commonality of all is that both Mollie and Bob had a vision of someday recording and producing a full length album dedicated to the songs of John Denver with the intent of creating unique and fresh renditions of these amazing classics. With their combined talents and inspirations they immediately began arranging and recording in December 2010 with the goal of captivating and surrounding the listener with the true emotion and spirit of John’s words, giving these new recordings a fresh, emotive sound. The album is currently in production and slated for release over the next couple of years.

Today, Bob spends a majority of his time doing what he has come to love the most, composing, arranging, orchestrating and teaching.

Artists who have inspired Bob
John Denver
Jim Croce
Simon & Garfunkel
James Taylor
Elvis Presley
The Beatles
Bing Crosby
John Williams
Christopher Parkening
Peter Huttlinger
Duncan Sheik