Frequently Asked Questions..

How long have you been playing the guitar?
I started taking guitar lessons when I was 16, which was in 1983. So as of 2006 that would be 23 years. It really has been a wonderful ride as I’ve had many great experiences along the way.

Can you read sheet music? What do you use it for?
Yes I can, however I tend to use it very little nowadays. Most often my exposure to sheet music is drawn from teaching my students or from creating sheet music scores of the compositions I write/arrange and record. I’m also periodically asked to create sheet music for other people who want there music written in notation. There are also instances where some of the musicians I hire to play other instruments that I don’t play need music in notation form as well. When that occurs I also create the score and furnish it to them ahead of time.

Do you write down any of your songs?
Actually no, I usually don’t. I write and perform most everything I do from memory.

How do you go about writing your songs?
I honestly don’t have a regiment for composing music. I’ve learned through the years that it’s best to try different approaches to song writing. This way it keeps things fresh. This mind set allows me to constantly improve and grow as a musician. However, here are some of the techniques I use; Sometimes ideas will emerge from improvisation (just goofing around on the guitar). Other times I’ll be in the car or someplace where I do not have access to my guitar and a chord change with an accompanying melodic idea will pop into my head. Or, I sometimes sit down to write a piece of music based on a pre-determined concept. I’ve had success with all those techniques. However, those are just a few examples.

How long does it take you to compose a song?
I have literally written some compositions in as little as an hour and others have taken one or two years to complete. It’s all a question of inspiration through life’s experiences. Creativity can’t be forced. To be successful you must respect the essence of the creative soul and allow it to be expressed in it’s time.

How did you develop your music style (voice)?

I guess I would have to say that most of my style comes from my love of Folk/New Age and Classical music. I love to listen to 60s and 70s Folk artists. I also deeply enjoy more recent New Age music along with traditional Classical themes. I’ve spent many years playing and studying this style of music and it has certainly had a significant impact on my current style.

How much do you practice?
About 60 – 90 minutes a day with roughly 60 percent of that time spent composing. However, it’s worth mentioning that I used to spend about 4 – 5 hours a day practicing for many years to become accomplished enough to do what I do today.

What kind of guitars do you have?
All of my acoustic guitars (6 & 12 string) are made by Taylor, my classical guitar is an Alvarez Yairi, and my electric is a Fender Tele thinline edition.

Where do you record your CDs?
I currently record all my work at Audio911 in East Haddam CT. The owner/operator, Steve Wytas is the best engineer I’ve ever worked with. He is also a good friend. You can contact Audio911 at

Who are your biggest influences?
I have several; here are the most influential; John Denver, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Duncan Sheik to name a few. Click here for a complete list.